Men's Footwear

  • Men's Boundary Boot Men's Boundary Boot


    Men's Boundary Boot

    Purpose-built for mucky put-ins and soggy portages, the NRS Boundary Boots deliver knee-high waterproofness with a super grippy, rugged sole to handle the harsh terrain favored by adventure canoeists. Features:  5 mm neoprene upper with...

  • Men's Loyak Water Shoe - Navy/Brown Men's Loyak Water Shoe - Black/Brown

    Astral Bouyancy

    Loyak Men's Low Profile Water Shoe

    A low volume, high performance shoe providing durability, superlative grip, and supreme comfort on water or land. The self-draining, Flex-Grip™outsole promotes excellent balance and ground feel. Indestructible, hydrophobic canvas uppers are...

  • Astral Brewer 2.0 Watershoe - Basalt Black Astral Brewer 2.0 Watershoe - Basalt Black

    Astral Bouyancy

    Brewer 2.0 Men's Water shoe

    You loved the Brewer, now get ready to meet version 2.0. Super-sticky G® Rubber outsole, Balanced Geometry™ midsole, and Water-Ready™ uppers have brought an entirely new level of performance and versatility to this classic water sneak…

  • Astral Rassler 2.0 Boots in Rasta Black Astral Rassler 2.0 Boots in Driftwood Gray

    Astral Bouyancy

    Rassler 2.0 Water shoe

    The Rassler 2.0 is an exceptionally grippy and rugged, yet lightweight boot that dries fast and drains quick. The sole is redesigned for improved durability. The mid-cut upper provides extra protection and support. Our best choice for hard-core river…

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    Freestyle Wetshoe


    Men's Freestyle Wetshoes (Previous Model)

    Need to stuff your feet in a tight kayak? Take a page out of the freestyle kayaking handbook and wear the NRS Freestyle Wetshoe. A favorite of playboaters, the Freestyle (used to be called the Desperado Sock) gives you warmth and protection in a comp…

    MSRP: C$79.95
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    Now: C$60.00
  • Hydrus 3.0 Launch Sock | Western Canoeing & Kayaking Hydrus 3.0 Launch Sock - Sizing | Western Canoeing & Kayaking


    Hydrus 3.0 Launch Sock

    These durable launch socks feature Hydrus 3.0, our proprietary waterproof breathable 3-layer fabric designed to keep your feet completely dry in extreme conditions. The super tough nylon woven outer layer provides long lasting abrasion protection and…

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    Kicker Remix Wetshoes - Angle | Western Canoeing & Kayaking Kicker Remix Wetshoes - Outer side | Western Canoeing & Kayaking


    Men's Kicker Remix Wetshoes

    With superior insulation, traction and protection, the Men's Kicker Remix Wetshoe provides that comfortable "I forget I have them on" fit. Good things do come in small packages. FEATURES Upper and insole are constructed with 3 mm Terraprene...

    MSRP: C$64.95
    Was: C$64.95
    Now: C$48.75
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    SuperZip 7mm Boots SuperZip 7mm Boots


    SuperZip 7mm Boots

    Dive into 2-in-1 Comfort & Grip with Aqua Lung Superzip 7mm Boots! Step into your diving adventures with confidence in the Aqua Lung Superzip 7mm Boots. These boots are engineered for superior traction and comfort, ensuring you're ready to tackle…

    MSRP: C$88.00
    Was: C$88.00
    Now: C$69.99
  • Hydroskin 0.5 Wetsocks Unisex | Black Hydroskin 0.5 Wetsocks Unisex | Black


    Hydroskin 0.5 Wetsocks Unisex

    When your tootsies need just a little more, the NRS HydroSkin 0.5 Wetsocks provide the perfect amount of insulation under neoprene booties and wetshoes. Better yet, take your Chaco and sock game to the next level. SPECS: Weight: 4 oz Seams:...

  • Men's Freestyle Wetshoes | Black Men's Freestyle Wetshoes | Black


    Men's Freestyle Wetshoes

    A playboater's go-to bootie, the lightweight NRS Freestyle Wetshoe is crazy flexible, perfect for fitting into tight boats. Plus, a naturally shaped toe box and high-rise design provide additional comfort and protection for all-day boating...

  • Men's Kicker Wetshoe | Black Men's Kicker Wetshoe | Black


    Men's Kicker Wetshoe

    Superior warmth, protection and traction in a low-profile design, the NRS Men's Kicker Wetshoe is a long-time favorite of rafters and stand-up paddlers. FEATURES: Construction combines a 3 mm thick neoprene upper with titanium adhesive througho…

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    Waterproof All Weather Mid Length Sock | Black/Grey Waterproof All Weather Mid Length Sock | Grey


    Waterproof All Weather Mid Length Sock

    SealSkinz Mid-Length Socks: Waterproof, All-Weather, 3-in-1 Experience unprecedented comfort and protection with SealSkinz Waterproof All-Weather Mid-Length Socks. Designed to handle any weather, these socks deliver optimal breathability, ensuring dr…

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    Filipe Men's Convertible Sandal - Navy - Angle | Western Canoeing & Kayaking Filipe Men's Convertible Sandal - Navy - Flip-Flop | Western Canoeing & Kayaking

    Astral Bouyancy

    Filipe Men's Convertible Sandal

    The “Astral-ized” flip-flop. Meet Filipe….Astral uses sticky G®Rubber on outsole and footbed to seriously reduce foot slippage. They instantly convert into a “sandal” (that’s crazy!!) via a simple accessory st…

    MSRP: C$120.00
    Was: C$120.00
    Now: C$75.00
  • Hiyak - Black - Angle | Western Canoeing & Kayaking Hiyak - Black - Top | Western Canoeing & Kayaking

    Astral Bouyancy


    The Hiyak is Astral’s view of a proper bootie. It offers ground-conforming stability, foot protection and insulation without neoprene. The result is a lighter, more durable, fast drying water-boot with phenomenal gripping powers...

  • Beachwalker 2023 Black/White by Aqualung Beachwalker 2023 Black/White by Aqualung


    Beachwalker 2023 Black/White by Aqualung

    Discover 2X Comfort & Style with Beachwalker 2023 by Aqua Lung! Step out in style with the Beachwalker 2023 Black White by Aqua Lung. These versatile shoes offer the perfect balance between comfort and durability, making them ideal for all your b…

  • NRS Men's Paddle Wetshoe Black NRS Men's Paddle Wetshoe Black


    Men's Paddle Wetshoe

        NRS Men's Paddle Wetshoe Details The NRS Men's Paddle Wetshoe stands out not only for its high-top design but also for its commitment to sustainability. Made from the innovative Terraprene neoprene, a blend of limestone and recycled ti…

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    Astral Webber Stealth Black Men's Sandal Astral Webber Stealth Black Men's Sandal

    Astral Bouyancy

    Webber Men's Sandal

    Eco-Friendly Adventure: The Astral Webber Sandal Step into your next adventure with Astral's Webber Men's Sandal. Crafted for the rugged outdoorsman, this durable sandal combines comfort and functionality. The eco-friendly, lightweight design is...

    MSRP: C$150.00
    Was: C$150.00
    Now: C$119.00
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    Blackfoot Angler 130 | WCK Staff Pick Blackfoot Angler 130
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    Blackfoot Angler 130

    A complete re-design of our well-loved technical angling kayak. Loaded with features and optimized to impress today’s most sophisticated anglers. If you spend your waking (and...

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    Chelan 120 | WCK Staff Pick Chelan 120
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    Chelan 120

    Chelan series sets the standard for performance touring inflatable boats. Newly re-designed, Chelan 120 raises the bar yet again. This boat is optimized for speed and paddling...

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    Hobie 12'6" SUP Board Bag


    Hobie 12'6" SUP Board Bag

    Shop the Hobie 12'6'' SUP Bag at Western Canoe Kayak for superior protection of your paddleboard. Made with rugged, reinforced materials, this bag shields your SUP from dings and scratches during...

    MSRP: C$260.00
    Was: C$260.00
    Now: C$208.00
    Hobie Mirage Compass Duo - Papaya Hobie Mirage Compass Duo - Seagrass


    Compass Duo

    The Mirage Compass Duo is powered by dual MirageDrives with Kick-Up Fins that retract on impact. Equipped with the MirageDrive 180 and a MirageDrive with Glide Technology, the Duo delivers a smooth...

    Rewind MD | WCK Staff Pick Rewind MD Cosmos Profile


    Rewind Medium

    Named “Best Whitewater Boat" - 2019 Paddling Magazine Industry Awards Dagger has a reputation of creating boats that not only define an era but stand the test of time; the all-new Rewind is an...

    MSRP: C$2,099.00
    Was: C$2,099.00
    Now: C$1,779.00
    Cultus Fiberglass 2pc Kayak Paddle | Western Canoe and Kayak Cultus Fiberglass 2pc Kayak Paddle | Western Canoe and Kayak


    Cultus Fiberglass 2pc Kayak Paddle

    The Cultus Fiberglass 4 Piece Kayak paddle is a perfect entry level paddle that can easily compete with the best on the market for quality and price. The fiberglass shaft and plastic blade will keep...

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    Salus Eddy Flex PFD | WCK Staff Pick Eddy Flex PFD - Navy | Western Canoeing & Kayaking

    Salus Marine

    Eddy Flex PFD

    Salus Marine's most popular vest, the Salus Eddy-Flex offers added contouring back foam, tapered shoulders, Dry-Lex back lining, pull-forward adjustments and an easy-grab zipper tab, making it a...

    C$126.65 - C$149.00